2 Terminal Ninja Tricks To Speed Up Your Development

1. Open Another Terminal From Your Current Terminal.

Use this bash command to quickly open another terminal pointing to the same directory path as the original terminal. This becomes useful when your working on a multi-faucet application. In MacOSX, just copy and paste the following installation script into your terminal and the script will be installed and in the .bash_profile.

echo "alias dup='open -a Terminal "`pwd`"'" >> ~/.bash_profile | source ~/.bash_profile

###2. Simple StackOverFlow Search CLI Quickly search stackoverflow.com right from your terminal. The following shell script opens up your browser and points it the stackoverflow search page with your query. To install this script, just copy and paste it into your ~/.bash_profile. Just make sure to source ~/.bash_profile to get it activated. Then in your terminal you will be able to run StackOverFlow search queries like this
**sof "does this work"** ``` sof() { #relevance newest votes active if [ "$1" == "" ]; then echo "question is missing" return 1; fi if [ "$2" != "" ]; then echo \$2 is set; tab=$2; else tab="relevance"; fi open "http://stackoverflow.com/search?tab=$tab&q=$1" } ```