Programmers Guide To San Francisco


Do Not Bring A Car

San Francisco's is not a car friendly city for many reasons. Among those many reasons, there are few that are worth pointing out. The traffic congestion is unbearable, there is no parking and car burglaries are common.

The congestion inside the city is bad. If you are driving through the city, the city congestion can add upto 1-2 hours to your destination travel time. If you arrive to a destination within the city, you will quickly find out that finding a parking space inside the city is almost impossible. The average pricing for a public parking lot is about $45 per hour which tends to be out of the budget for most people. Also car burglaries are are very common so make sure if you do bring a car and you happen to park it somewhere, do not leave any valuables inside your car.

How Do You Get Around?

I found out that the most ideal way to get around San Francisco is either by Lyft or Uber. Even though the city does have a bus transit system in place, the bus was stuffed with people every time I tried to board it. For the most part I relied on Lyft for transportation to get around the city.

Finding A Place To Program.

When you arrive at San Francisco, you might start looking for 'goto places' to start programming. A good place to get some code written is called The WorkShop Cafe. The WorkShop Cafe is a mix between a coffee house and a shared workspace. They charge $2.00 an hour to be in the WorkSpace area, however the first 10 hours are free when you are new to the WorkShop Cafe.

If you decide to checkout The WorkShop Cafe, you should try their cappuccinos. They are full of flavor and are crafted well by their baristas. Unfortunately, their iced coffee is medium to light body flavored and is a bit average for me.

Getting Really Good Coffee.

A really good coffee place in San Francisco is called the Coffee Bar. The Coffee Bar serves their iced coffee strongly caffeinated and full body nutty flavor. They close early so you might want to check the hours of operation before you visit. They do not have a programmer friendly environment so it is not an ideal place to code, however it is a place to get a pretty darn good coffee.

Finding A Place To Stay

If you do not have any personal contacts in San Francisco, finding a place to stay in San Francisco is a difficult task. Unfortunately San Francisco housing crunch real and it is really bad. Rental costs can average anywhere between $3,000 - $15,000 per month and are unaffordable by most people. I learned the best tool to find a temporary place to stay in San Francisco is AirBnB. AirBnB lets you rent a strangers home for a fraction of the market rental cost. There are places throughout San Francisco called 'Hacker Homes'. Hacker Homes are homes for die hard programmers and entrepreneurs who rent out a single bunkbed in a large home for around $1,000 per month and they share the home among other die hard programmers and entrepreneurs.