LinkedIn Spreadsheets Chrome Extension

The LinkedIn Spreadsheets is a Chrome based browser extension that extends LinkedIn with spreadsheet capability. Basically, I like spreadsheets so I built an extension that would add spreadsheets to LinkedIn.

The extension helps me keep information about my connections organized and provides me with the autonomy to store information in grid cell manner. I thought to myself that if it is useful to me, it may be useful to others. I decided to push it to Github and publish it on the Chrome web store for free.

I have open sourced the source code under MIT license so anyone can view it, modify it, commercialize it. I have used the Typescript Chrome app to seed project, but I haven’t used any Typescript for the app. If you have any feedback feel free to send me a tweet.

Chrome Webstore

You can download the Chrome extension for free here.

Source Code

The chrome extension source code can be found here. If you want to hack it you can start with modifying the files here: