Universal Studios Hackathon (TeeBuddy)


The challenge of the hackathon was to create an application that could solve a problem in the golfing industry. We were only given 2 days for this challenge. The problem was:

Golf tees expire. After a golf tee expires, the golf course would lose the opportunity to monetize or utilize it.

They wanted a creative way to monetize or utilize expiring golf tees.

To solve this challenge me and a friend of mine Daniel came up with Tee-Buddy. Tee-Buddy was supposed to be an iPhone application that would notify its users about expiring golf tees within a certain mile radius. The user would be able to login to the application, view all the expiring golf tees relative to their area, and purchase the expiring golf tees at a dynamically priced discount rate.

## Day 1 ####Slide Deck After we invisioned the product, we decided to build a slide deck for it. We used [slide.com](https://slide.com/) as our choice of presentation software. Its a convenient online slide app that suited our needs for this event just fine. Our presentation had the following structure :
  • Introduction
  • Problem
  • Solution
  • Added Benefit
  • Solution
  • Outroduction

We also added some hidden slides that would address scalability potential if we had the time. It wasn't necessary, but it was there if we needed it.

## Day 1-2 ####Minimum Viable Product So far we invisioned the product, we built a presentation for it, now it was time to get some code written. We needed to build the IOS app fast so we decided to build the minimum viable product in HTML5 and use Cordova along with Framework7 to put it onto an IOS device.

Cordova has a lot of plugins available to download. We searched the Cordova plugin repository to find the plugins we needed to get the app functional. Cordova plugins extend Cordovas' api functionality so all the native device API's were abstracted for us to the point where all we had to focus on is the frontend.

Framework7 is an awesome frontend framework for prototyping. It comes equipped with page routing, ajax abstraction, and css themes so the frontend was pretty much done for us. Best of all, Framework7 made the app looked very native.

You can checkout the Cordova+Framework7 on the Tee-Buddy Github.

## Day 2 ####Presentation We had the idea, the slide deck was ready, and the minimum viable product was done. This was the last day of the hackathon which meant it was the day we would have to present the idea.

We practiced what we were going to say many times before we went up on stage. We were mentally preparing ourselves to present an idea that we formalized in only 2 days. It was very nerve wrecking. We were not only presenting to the judges, but we were presenting to a room of over 100 people.

Tee-Buddy was called on stage. We presented the application the best we could and we even managed to get some people clapping. The judges liked our concept of dynamically pricing expiring golf tees. The judges seen the MVP and had the opportunity to hear us out. We had a great time.


End of The Hackathon.

Feel free to use any of the source code, ideas, pictures for your own needs. If you do decide to use the Tee-Buddy source code, make sure to star the repo. That is all.

Daniel + Me + Alex + Cameron